Terms and Conditions / Hire Agreement

Loch Lomond Weddings & Events

Terms & Conditions & Hire Agreement
The following conditions constitute the terms of the contract between Loch Lomond Wedding & Events ( LLWE) and you, the client (person hiring goods or receiving our services).  These terms will be deemed accepted by you, the client, upon receiving any, or all, of the following:

  • Email confirmation
  • Written confirmation  i.e.: Text, Facebook message or paper letter
  • Payment of deposit
  • Payment of Complete booking
  • Acceptance of goods
  • Signed Terms & Conditions

Booking the Date

Quotation & Prices 

All prices are quoted inclusive of VAT

Prices given are valid for 2 weeks from the date of the quotation and only confirmed upon receipt of your Booking Fee. 

Payments and Booking Fee’s

Any Booking Fee, normally 25% of the current order value, or £250 whichever is the greater.(In the event of cancellation, these payments are non-refundable.)
A further payment of 25% is due at 6 months before the wedding
The final 50%, 6 weeks to 30 days before the wedding date.

Contact and Delivery Details 

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that LLWE are provided with the correct information pertaining to delivery of bridal flowers and delivery and collection of hired goods for the required date and venue, please ensure that all communications show this correct information, any that changes to the originally agreed schedule must be notified as soon as possible.

Reserved Items 

Upon receipt of your Booking Fee we will reserve the items contained within your quotation for you on your required date. we understand that moving forward we may need to tweak this, when you are fully aware of your final guest numbers. (numbers of chair covers, sashes, centrepieces etc). *To ensure that we are holding the correct stock, any items that we are required to purchase in respect of your order with us will be ordered at time of booking.

Cancellation of Reserved Items

We would request that if you wish to remove any larger items, ( e.g. Dance Floor, Archway, Flower Wall, Blossom Tree, Moongate, Mr & Mrs Letters, Love Table)  from the quotation you would let us know within 2 weeks or prior to booking.* see above

Any items not notified within this period will be treated as cancelled and an appropriate charge may be applied.

Any offers, or discounts applied to the original quotation will be forfeited, as a result of any cancelled items.

We reserve the right to make the following charges where there is a cancellation or part cancellation of a confirmed reservation of goods or services.

1.All pre-payments are forfeited in the event of cancellation by the client.

2.For a cancellation or part cancellation received within 12 to 6 months of the proposed date, the cancellation fee is 50% of the quoted charges

3.For a cancellation or part cancellation received within 6 to 3 months of the proposed date, the cancellation fee is 65% of the quoted charges

4.For a cancellation or part cancellation received within 3 months to 6 weeks of the proposed date, the cancellation fee is 75% of the quoted charges.

5.For a cancellation received within 6 weeks of the proposed date, cancellation the fee is 100% of the quoted charges.
6. All payments made up to and including the date of cancellation are non-transferable or refundable.

Delivery, Set-up and Collection

In order to qualify for free delivery and/or collection of wedding items our minimum order value is £1000, in the event that your order value does not meet the required levels our delivery and collection charge will be £25.00 per delivery or collection.

LLWE must have adequate access to the venue prior to the event for dressing and after the event for removal, usually the next day.  This contract is on the condition that adequate and reasonable access to the venue is provided.

We will make every effort to deliver, set up and collect at the times requested by the client if the hire is on a set up basis; removal will be as prompt as possible; however, we cannot guarantee collection times.  It is therefore the client’s responsibility to ensure that any hired goods are kept dry and in a secure place until collected items will be checked before leaving the venue.

Dance Floor

The client is aware that the surface, upon which the floor is to be laid, needs to be both flat and dry. An uneven floor may result in the LED’s not working, as the panels cannot connect properly. Our staff will not lay the dance floor on a wet surface as this will damage the panels.

In this instance no refund or apart thereof will be due.

LLWE not be held responsible if we cannot lay the dance floor due to the surface being wet or uneven.

The venue needs to have suitable access i.e. no stairs, we must be able to wheel the dance floor trolley into position.

We also need to be notified if there are gravel, ledges or lips that the trolley needs to be pushed on/over.
If the access is poor then an extra charge may be made in order for extra staff to be allocated to your event to carry the Dance floor panels by hand into your function room

Care of Hire Products:

Hire items remain the sole property of Loch Lomond Wedding & Events.  c/o LLWE Limited 127 Main Street, Alexandria G83 0NX.

During the period of hire; from the time of acceptance of the goods until the items are returned and accepted back into the possession of Loch Lomond Wedding & Events, the client is solely responsible for the hired goods and the client shall accept full responsibility for insuring all goods are returned in full and free from damage. 

Electrical Items

Dance Floor

Care of the Dance Floor and Equipment

In order, to protect the dance floor, the following must be adhered to.

The Client is not permitted to lift or move the dance floor.
Food and Drinks should not be taken onto the dance floor.
Any liquid spillages must be mopped up immediately, as they will cause serious damage if absorbed into the floor. The Client is responsible for ensuring your DJ on the evening makes regular announcements to prevent such damage.
Metallic confetti can cause short circuits and must not be taken onto the dance floor. Whilst on the dance floor, appropriate footwear must be worn all times.
Clients must not to interfere with the dance floor or colour commander box at any time.

The Dance floor will be fully functioning before we leave the premises and we will have this verified by a member of venue staff, If, for any reason the dance floor stops operating, we must be informed as soon as possible, however, we are not on call and will not attend as this would mean stopping the event to dismantle and investigate the cause of any fault.

Mr & Mrs Sign & LED Floor LIghting

The sign will be placed in its preferred position by LLWE it must not be moved without our permission. No Drinks or Food to be placed on the sign or LED lights, no fabric or draping to be placed on or around the sign or LED Lights.

Fairy Light Canopy & Draping

These are secured with our fixings and must not be touched or moved, we will ensure they are fully functioning before we leave the venue, this will be verified by a member of venue staff.

Touching or pulling on the drapes, lights or chandeliers is forbidden as this could cause them to fall causing further damage and be a hazard to your guests on the dance floor.

The Client is responsible for ensuring your DJ on the evening makes any necessary announcements to prevent such damage.

Other Hired Decoration

Archways/Moongate/Blossom Tree/Canopy

These items will be placed in their preferred position by our staff prior to the ceremony. If they are for use during an outside ceremony, hired equipment will be collected by our staff when your guests have moved to another area for dinner. Due to safety restrictions it is not appropriate to move the items whilst guest are in the same area.

It the item is for use inside and if appropriate it may be moved behind the top table for the remaining duration of the event.

Love Table

These letters and glass table tops will be placed in their preferred position by our staff prior to the ceremony. It is to be used for its intended purpose of displaying wedding cake and or sweet/desert table. No additional elements provided by the Client, such as fabric or draping, are to be placed on or around the structure.

Chiavari Chair

All Chiavari chairs hired by the client will be delivered to the agreed venue by LLWE. All will be secure in structure and will be provided with an Ivory seat pad (unless the client has requested otherwise).
These chairs are not to be stacked with the pads attached and pads are to be stored in pairs with the Velcro underside together.

Smaller Décor Items

Post Boxes, all linen items, all centrepiece items, vases, silk arrangements etc will be delivered to the agreed venue by LLWE, on the date and time agreed. No additional décor provided by the client may be attached to the hired items without permission, i.e. flowers, ribbon, brooches, pins staples or sticky labels.

All hired items of LLWE and must not be removed from the venue without prior written permission.

If hired items have been removed from the agreed venue or not returned on the agreed date, we reserve the right to charge the standard hire fee for each extra day they are not returned.

If any of our hired equipment has been tampered with or has not been cared for in accordance with our instructions above, we have the right to remove immediately and the client will be fully liable for any damaged caused. In this instance no refund or apart thereof will be due.


The item(s) under hire for the duration of your wedding/event will be of considerable material value. We recommend that you have appropriate insurance in place to cover their replacement value in the event that any hired items are lost or damaged whilst in your care. (please check your policy detail to ensure adequate cover). 

Damage or Loss of Hired Items 

Subject to the above conditions if the hire goods have not been returned in full or have returned damaged, where general wear and tear is not evident, then the client shall be charged at our current rate of replenishment. The below list  is by no means exhaustive however it provides some detail of current rates and charges.
· Silk Ceremony Domes (each) ex container                      £150.00
· Hired Table Arrangements (each) ex container              £50.00
· Wedding Canopy                                                               £950.00
·  Rustic Wedding Arch, Moongate, Square Arch, Blossom Tree   £1500.00
·  Flower Wall                                                                  £3000.00
·  Bay trees (each)                                                              £100.00
· Viburnum Tinus (each)                                                         £250.00
·  Candelabras (each) Chrome or Gold                                             £45.00
·  Glass Candelabras                                                             £200.00
·  Pedestals stands (each)                                                       £50.00
·  Acrylic stands    (each)                                                      £100.00
·  Wish Tree                                                                     £30.00
·  Mirrored Table Planner                                                        £80.00
·  Post Box                                                                      £200.00
·  Aisle Carpet                                                                  £350.00
·  Ceiling Drape (per section or room)                                           £200.00
·  Fairy Light string (10m)                                                      £30.00
·  Fairy Light Curtain (1.5m x 3m )                                              £200.00
·  Chiavari Chari                                                                £35.00
·  Chiavari Chair seat pad                                                       £15.00
·  Wall Drape Priced per Panel                                                   £20.00
·  Lighting Per Led 1m Bar                                                       £150.00
·  LED Dance Floor per Panel                                                     £300.00
·  LED Colour Commander Box                                                      £1000.00
·  LED Mr & Mrs Sign                                                         £1450.00
·  Love Table Per Letter                                                         £500.00
·  Love Table Glass  (Per Section)                                                 £75.00
·  Cake Table Glass                                                                £75.00
·  Sundry Glass Vase                                                            £10. To £30
·  Mirror Plate                                                                    £7.50
·  T Lights Holder                                                                 £4.50
·  Table Cloths                                                                    £15. To £50.00
·  Chair Sash                                                                      £1.50 to £3.95
·  Chair Cover                                                                     £4.95 to £11.95


We commit to offering a friendly, professional and thorough service and endeavour to provide a consistently excellent standard of work at all times. Any information, monies, contact details or booking arrangements will remain secure and confidential at ‘LLWE’  we do not share information of any sort with any other person or company without the Clients written consent.


Throughout the set-up of your event we may take photographs/videos to record our work. LLWE reserve the right use these images for our marketing and to post to our social media accounts and website.  Unless otherwise advised by the client, any pictures/details provided post event, will also be deemed as allowable for this purpose.

Details or Hirer

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 Town                                  ______________________________

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Telephone Number           ______________________________

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